Juniorprofessur für Entrepreneurship

Impressions from Social Entrepreneurship Workshop 2017


The second social entrepreneurship workshop was hosted by VHL Larenstein in Arnhem from May 6-13, 2017. A total of 26 students and 17 staff members from all partner institutions joined the workshop activities. Their aim was to generate social business models in reaction to local challenges identified in the urban landscape of Arnhem. The overall topic was on sustainable foodscapes, linking the city of Arnhem better to food production areas in its direct vicinity.

The strategic partnership 'Social entrepreneurship for local change' is funded by the ERASMUS+ grant program of the European Union. The project is jointly administered by HfWU Nürtingen, Germany; VHL Larenstein, Netherlands; Bucharest University of Economic Studies, Romania; University of Kiel, Germany; Estonian University of Life Sciences Tartu, Estonia; Heldenrat e.V., Germany; Odaida Creativa, Romania; and the Estonian Social Enterprise Network, Estonia.

More information and impressions from the intensive workshop can be found here.