Juniorprofessur für Entrepreneurship

Forschungsseminar Social Entrepreneurship for Local Change (SS 2018)


A social entrepreneur applies business tools for solving social and/or environmental problems and primarily strives for social impact rather than monetary profit.

Social Entrepreneurship for Local Change is a programme offered by a 5-University Consortium in cooperation with relevant NGOs. The goal is to empower future social entrepreneurs through an interdisciplinary, problem-based learning environment that enhances the innovative competencies needed for addressing social, cultural and environmental challenges in Europe.

The module includes twelve live online sessions as well as interdisciplinary and international group work with students from Romania, Estonia, the Netherlands and other European countries.

A selected number of students can additionally participate in an intensive workshop in Estonia from 10-19 May 2018. 

The online module consists of twelve 90-minute sessions including interdisciplinary and international collaborative group work. The thematic elements of the course are designed to give students core knowledge for understanding key challenges of social entrepreneurs and developing their own social business:

  • Identifying social challenges and setting goals
  • Designing social business ideas
  • Designing social business models
  • Revising and evaluating social business models

Intensive workshop in Arnhem, Netherlands (optional): 
A selected number of students can additionally participate in an intensive workshop in Estonia from 10-19 May 2018. Active participation in the webinar is a requirement for participating in the intensive workshop. Participation in the intensive workshop is limited and requires personal application. Each participating university can offer upto seven grants, covering travel and subsistence. More information will be given in the introductory session of the seminar on 14 February 2018. ECTS points will not be given for CAU students for participation in the intensive workshop. 

Further information: https://localchangewiki.hfwu.de/index.php?title=Seminar_Social_Entrepreneurship_for_Local_Change_Spring_2018 

  • Kick-off meeting: March, 1st, 2018 14-15 Uhr, Room WR425 - R.3 [ZfB]
  • Seminar: March, 20th - May, 3rd, each Tuesday and Thursday, 16:00-17:30 Uhr, Room TBA
  The number of participants is constricted to 25 students ("first come, first serve“). Please note that the participation in the introductory session on 6 February 2017 is mandatory to attend the seminar in SS 2017.

As the module is offered to students from several European partner universities, the online course already starts on March, 20th and ends on May, 3rd  2018.

The registration deadline for active participants in the online course is 26 February 2018.
Please enroll via OLAT.

Participation in the Arnhem Workshop requires personal application. More information will be given in the kick-off meeting on March, 1st 2018.
Curriculum Participation in this course is free of charge and open to the following students:
  • Master Business Administration
  • Master Economics
  • Master Quantitative Economics
  • Master Quantitative Finance
  • Master Wirtschaftschemie (FPO 2014)
  • Master Wirtschaftsingenieurwesen (FPO 2014)


An active participation in the online seminar is required to achieve 5 ECTS and includes
(a) the identification of local challenges (individual work and group work in international teams)
(b) field research and case study development (individual work and group work in international teams)
(c) the development of a social business concept for a specific social challenge and presentation of the results (group work in international teams)

Further Information

Seminar space: http://bit.ly/1OZgu5S
Project website: http://www.hfwu.de/localchange
Find us on Facebook: https://goo.gl/Tht21B

About our Partners

The project is jointly administered by Nürtingen-Geislingen University, Nürtingen, Germany; VHL University of Applied Sciences, Larenstein, Netherlands; Bucharest University of Economic Studies (ASE), Bucharest, Romania; University of Kiel, Kiel, Germany; Estonian University of Life Sciences (EMU), Tartu, Estonia; Heldenrat Beratung für soziale Bewegungen e.V.; Odaida Creativa/The Creative Room, Bucharest, Romania; and the Estonian Social Enterprise Network, Tallinn, Estonia.

Reading list

A selected reading list will be given out in the seminar.